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About Us

The idea presented by Embroidery was born on a trip where we stumbled upon old masters of hand embroidery while exploring Prague. We were immediately fascinated by the speed and lightness with which they embroidered our names. With deft movements, they guided the thread up and down the fabric, through bends and turns, and finished it in the shape of a lovely heart instead of a dot on the i. We admired their skill and the old machine we saw for the first time and nothing like it.

Upon returning home, the sight of our names on towels and aprons reminded us each time of the joy we experienced at this discovery, and this feeling did not give us peace. After about a year, one of us gathered the courage and decided to visit the old masters of hand embroidery again in Milan and Florence. She stayed with them long enough this time to learn all their secrets. She practiced day after day, from morning to evening, thus honing her style. Many times it was not easy, but the desire to admire her as much in embroidery as she did them was greater than all the obstacles.

And so our story in Slovenia was woven bravely and full of excitement. We opened the first store in the narrow Jewish Street on just nine square meters. The space and the street soon began to cram us, so six months later we moved to our current location - Valvasor's birth house on Stari trg 4 in the center of Ljubljana. In the new premises, we began to tie our own success story, which we achieved through learning, a lot of practice and work. Of course, all this would not be possible if we did not inspire people and gain our loyal customers. Our masterpieces are also gladly seen by tourists who have never seen anything like it. We also started to transfer our rich knowledge to new employees. We are now a colorful group of young artists. We enjoy what we do, especially when we make others happy.